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The architect is the space doctor. Our work is not only limited to its economic, functional or technical dimension, but integrates the complexity that makes the essence of a place, the people who live there and their needs. Dialogues and sketches always mark the beginning of our projects. They are essential to understanding the needs and challenges of our clients.

Urban planning

Important challenges such as housing needs, greenhouse gases, energy production and consumption, the balance between urban and rural, natural resources and food security, natural resources and biodiversity, spatial planning and transport infrastructure are key issues our society has to pay attention to, and try to solve. When we talk about eco-campus, eco-districts, eco-parks, or eco-cities, we take it as our challenge to design living environments that put forward real innovation. We believe we can create a mutualised and interconnected environment that gather housing, with a riche biodiversity, shared production units, educational, cultural, sport facilities.


The pace of urban sprawl highlights the importance of not only controlling the city’s edges and fringes but also redefining the place and role of nature within cities themselves. By integrating green spaces of different scales and function in the core of the city itself, we believe we offer a better, brighter, more sustainable living environment for urban dwellers, and we heal the gap between the rural and urban world.

Interior design

We gather a fine team of interior designer that coordinates and manages inspirational interiors of a wide range of projects. Because interior design requires a full understanding of the architecture, our team works alongside with architects at all phases of projects - from concept drawings to detail design - with the same expertise and innovation.


Whether we draw door handles, street lights, or welcome desks, we push our design to their fullest, and propose unique signature creations that improve the aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality of the architecture itself.

Contracting authority assistance

The contractor authority assistant’s role is to help the contractor authority define its program, monitor the project team (architects, engineers, consultants...) and lead the project to completion. In such mission, we have an advisory and proposition role. We coordinate the project stakeholders and help them fulfil at their best their obligations from the planning phases down to the completed building management.


100 years of experience in real estate programs have lead our team of experts (urban planners, architects, economists) to offer reliable consultancy services regarding sustainable value-creation on any kind of lands and property assets, for both investors and users. We monitor and hand tools to help clear and pragmatic decision making, and accompany our clients to the end of their projects.


Our multidisciplinary team of urban planners, architects, economists offer reliable programming analysis. We monitor and hand tools to help clear and pragmatic decision making, and accompany our clients to the end of their projects.